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Work Wear / Dress Belts

This leather belt is a great accessory for everyday use.

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Police / Security

We offer 3 types of duty belts ( inside belt + outside belt )

  1. Leather (ergonomic)

  2. Microfiber (ergonomic)

  3. Heavy nylon

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Scratchless Belts

-Mechanic Belts: this belt is specifically designed not to damage any vehicle and is ergonomic.

-Fire Retardant (flame resistant) belt is designed to meet industry and safety standards and is ergonomic.

Crank Belts / Import Program

Web elastic belt.

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Non-Leather (PU) Belts

Completely man-made using vinyl/polyurethane materials. Affordable belt that makes a great piece for casual wear.

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School Uniform Children's Belt

Comfortable elastic belt for children to use with their school uniform or any occasion.

Web Belts

Our web belt is durable and a great product that can be used anywhere at anytime.          We offer 3 types of buckle +tip :   

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

  3. Black

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Quality and style for both men and women!



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